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Our historical town of Winnemucca, known for its gold mining and the Basque people, is rich in old western history. We have even have had our own bank robbery's by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, and the James Brothers. Mark Twain has even stayed in this town; and of course, we do have the mysterious brothels. This town also holds numerous rodeos since it’s know as the big rodeo town with county fairs and such.

With an abundance of restaurants and casinos, special events, historical attractions, outdoor recreation, farming and ranching, and casino gaming, there are plenty of business and entertaining opportunities in our area. Below are several links for you to check out:

High Ground Courtyards

Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce

Winnemucca Mule Race and Show

Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority

City of Winnemucca

Humboldt Museum

HGH Humboldt General Hospital

Humboldt County Library


Utility links

Electric Sierra Pacific Power Co/Nevada Energy - Phone:  800.962.4168

Southwest Gas Corporation (natural gas) - Phone: 800.832.2555

AT&T (phone and internet) - Phone:  800.288.2020

Direct TV (television) - Phone for new customers:  800.783.1376 - Phone for existing customers:  800.531.5000 or call your local Direct TV dealer


Blue Mountain Wireless (cell service and internet - Phone: 775.623.2266

The Humboldt Sun (newspaper) - Phone:  775.623.5011


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